A Long Time Coming

…is what this blog should actually be called. I’ve been travelling for years now and have missed so many opportunities to document my journeys, but no more!

I currently manage a student discount card program for a major Canadian travel agency (not going to mention any names here), and through my contacts I was able to organize a business/personal trip that will see me going out West. I’ve dubbed this trip “My Epic Canadian Journey” as it’s going to take me across the country from Toronto to Vancouver, then on to Alberta and back home. I’ll be using four different types of transportation (train, boat, bus and plane); spending time in eight different cities (Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Vancouver, Kelowna, Banff, Jasper and Calgary); and most importantly, seeing parts of Canada I’ve been telling myself to go to since I was a kid.

This trip idea was initially born for two reasons:

  1. I have an elderly great-aunt in Vancouver whom I haven’t seen for about eighteen years and is long overdue a visit.
  2. As a recently-separated young woman I need to start crossing more items off my travel bucket list and become comfortable with doing it on my own.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to take the train across the country (i.e. my bucket list mention above). However, given the cost and time needed I was never able to get myself to do it. One day I randomly found myself on the VIA Rail website and noticed they had a seat sale on their Canadian tickets. This quickly evolved into me thinking about taking the train to Vancouver, to me realizing I have business partners out West I could visit and promote, to me somehow turning this adventure into a business opportunity for the program I manage. And with that thought process…ta-daaaa! A business/personal trip is born!

So, for four days I’ll be onboard the legendary Canadian travelling across this majestic and magical country. Once I arrive in Vancouver I’ll spend three days in the city visiting family, taking in sights and doing a whale watching tour with Wild Whales Vancouver. I’ll then board a coach bus with Moose Travel Network as I join their Coho tour — a one-way journey from Vancouver through Kelowna, Banff and Jasper. During this entire trip I’ll be staying at different Samesun Backpacker Lodges throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Finally, I’ll enjoy a week in Calgary with some good friends to cap off my trip.

I am beyond excited for this trip. Not only has this travelog been a long time coming, but that saying also goes for this trip itself. I cannot wait to board that train at Union Station on October 16. Only thirty-four more days!


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